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Bahn Sicherheit & Service Dienste

Bahn Sicherheit & Service Dienste

Whether by bus or train, the task of the security and service departments in local public transport / local rail transport is primarily to enable travelers to stay safely on the bus, train or station. The general presence of our team makes passengers feel safe and secure. Passengers appreciate the presence of security forces and therefore use public transport more frequently.

By working together with the federal police, our quick response in tricky situations where passengers are being harassed by fellow passengers, we can intervene effectively and end the situation quickly.

Our security staff monitors compliance with the house rules and intervenes in the event of violations. Security guards in trains, buses, bus stops, stations, etc. enable transport companies to save on high maintenance costs and increase profits through increasing passenger numbers. In the event of train cancellations or delays, our security staff, as on-site service representatives, advise passengers on train cancellations, transfer options and alternative stops. If necessary, our security staff will also carry out patrols with a service dog. For example at night in the platform area of ​​the train station.

Our employees ensure safety and service and are available to passengers as competent partners to increase and maintain customer satisfaction.

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