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Baustellenbewachung- und Sicherung

Baustellenbewachung- und Sicherung

Construction site surveillance is a multifaceted task and can always present security companies with new challenges.

Rely on safe and competent construction site security! We protect your site and property from fire, vandalism or theft. Unauthorized access to construction sites can also lead to financial risks and losses. With us you always have a reputable and reliable partner at your side who protects you from these damages.

In contrast to property and plant protection, construction site protection includes the surveillance of a large, open and mostly hidden area. The challenge is to protect existing materials on site from theft and vandalism. There are several ways to create protection here. This can be the establishment of regular patrols, the use of video technology, an additional area control service or the use of dog handlers with service dogs. We are sure that we will find effective protection for you. We would be happy to advise you on this.

Our construction site surveillance and security includes:

  • Control of inputs and outputs
  • Verification of suppliers and building material
  • Inspection of people and vehicles
  • Referral of visitors and suppliers
  • Ensure compliance with occupational safety (wearing PPE)
  • Provision of a paramedic
  • Parking controls
  • Creation of ID cards/issue of ID cards for visitors and suppliers
  • Protection of your construction site against unauthorized entry, driving on and unauthorized stay
  • Checking the shell, the site fences, the materials and the site trailer, etc.
  • Patrols
  • Enforcement of domiciliary rights (remands, etc.)
  • Initiation of immediate measures in the event of fire, burglary or vandalism
  • Elevator operator services
  • Use of dog handlers with service dogs
  • Mobile patrol services

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