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Revier- und Interventionsdienste

Revier- und Interventionsdienste

When it comes to monitoring large areas or objects such as factory premises, industrial parks, factories, warehouses, banks, department stores, complex buildings, the surveillance camera alone is not enough. Here you need someone who immediately notices that something is wrong. This is where we come in as a professional security service provider and offer you precinct and intervention services to protect your property.

What does a precinct and intervention service do? On foot or with a service vehicle, he inspects large areas or individual buildings at irregular intervals. This requires not only a keen eye, but also vigilance. Our security forces are in constant contact with the emergency call center and can therefore react and intervene in the event of impending or actual criminal offenses such as theft and vandalism. Alarm constellations can be evaluated and processed immediately. If a crime has been committed, the police will be called in to document the damage and coordinate further measures.

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