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Winter Service

Winter Service

Winter knows no rigid working hours, just like our Facility & Aviation SERVICES team.

We move out at any time and as required, even around the clock if necessary. With qualified staff and 20 years of experience, we offer you an efficient and structured winter service.

The primary goal of the winter service is to maintain traffic safety on streets, squares and sidewalks in the event of weather-related obstructions caused by snow or ice. As a service provider, it is our duty to ensure access and walkability of large and small areas at all times. We grit, clear and secure every imaginable smooth or snowy surface.

We guarantee the purchase and delivery of road salt and the provision of suitable equipment for clearing and spreading duties. You don't have to worry about anything, we take care of it reliably.

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  • Bahnhofstr. 16, 45879 Gelsenkirchen