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Covid-19 Security Services

Covid-19 Security Services

A huge challenge for society, business and politics - dangers from the COVID-19 virus

The high contagion potential of the coronavirus COVID-19 poses dangers to the life and health of the population as well as to the economy.

Occasion-related security problems, such as a standstill in the productive sector, closed shops or the increase in home office activities lead to monitoring deficits, such as:

  • early detection of technical defects, for example, is no longer guaranteed. In the worst case, safety is endangered by defective fire alarm systems.
  • Since suitable security technology for burglary protection is not installed everywhere, the risk of criminal offenses also increases.
  • In addition, access controls are currently experiencing a different quality. A significant increase in visitors overwhelms clinics, supermarkets and drugstores.

To maintain regular operations and improve security for COVID-19, the need for support from security services is increasing. The professional security services from Facility & Aviation SERVICES GmbH help you to prevent damage and ensure the necessary order.

In view of the corona situation, we are providing special measures as a corona protection service!

Lack of staff, severe business restrictions or closures, and a lack of security all increase the risk of break-ins and property damage, including theft and vandalism. Other scenarios help to reduce the risk of detection of potential crimes. In addition, general preventive police checks are difficult to implement due to the tense situation.

We offer you the following services:

  • Free and non-binding advice
  • security analysis
  • Mobile object protection measures by district services
  • COVID-19 security: reduction of the risk of infection through entrance and behavior controls, support for enforcing domiciliary rights
  • Increased protection of property in the private and commercial sector through modern security technology
  • Special protective measures by our security service for shops, industrial plants and warehouses


Property Protection

The security service counteracts an impending undersupply of property protection in the commercial and private sectors with targeted protective measures. The area control services have a proven deterrent effect in the event of crimes such as burglaries or property damage. Checks are carried out by trained and experienced security forces at irregular times. They monitor particularly security-sensitive areas such as windows and doors. In addition, locking and opening services as well as checking the existing reporting and monitoring systems can be agreed. Depending on the requirements, objects such as shopping centers, retail stores and office complexes as well as factory buildings and warehouses can be specifically monitored. This also applies to construction sites. Unusual occurrences are recognized and monitored by our security forces and, if necessary, reported immediately to the police.

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 Entry and Behavior Controls

Safety precautions for long queues of impatient people in front of hospitals, supermarkets and drugstores:

Too short distances between the queues increase the risk of infection. Although access and stay are controlled by the operator mainly based on visual and written information, they often do not work smoothly because customers often disregard the rules and behave aggressively towards the staff.

In addition, the operator's staff is usually overworked and cannot perform any supervisory duties. Our security service will be happy to support you and take care of monitoring tasks, compliance with hygiene measures, regulations and compliance with other regulations.

The use of security services increases the sense of security between staff and customers and contributes to smooth operations. Disputes between customers and staff can be resolved quickly with expert intervention. We enforce the house rules for you and can issue a house ban in consultation, so that peace in the house returns quickly.

Security Technology

In addition to personnel control measures and mechanical burglary protection, there are also technical security measures.

It is the offender's intention to approach an object as quietly and unobtrusively as possible. Alarm systems can protect your property because they trigger optical and acoustic signals in the event of an attempted break-in, thereby deterring the perpetrator. Visibly mounted video cameras are a useful addition because they can record the crime and the perpetrator in detail and also contribute to deterrence.

Corona Security - Further information and Availability

As a security service provider, we use our skills and experience to create an individual security concept for you. We examine possible security gaps and explain the resulting security risks to you. Call us, we will advise you!

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